Tuesday, November 24, 2015

SWELTER "live in lowell"

Long-awaited follow-up to the premiere Cardinal Records release is now available in physical and digital formats!  Once again join David Payne (Fossils) and Howard Stelzer in a journey of mangled tape and twisted electronics. Recorded in Lowell, Mass at Gallery 119 in August 2014.

Published by Tape Drift Records (US) as a CDR in a limited edition of 50 copies.
from the label: "Swelter indeed. A hot slab of collaborative psychic summer energy burn from two of the finest experimentalists in North America – Howard Stelzer and David Payne (Fossils). Two-man howl of shredded tapes and analog junk recorded live in August 2014 in Lowell, MA, the music on this disc is all about texture, sizzle and feel. It would be folly (and beside the point) to pick out individual contributions, as both voices blend superbly into a single slab of sound. When the music is this good, it’s far better to sit back, let the sound wash over you and experience the ultimate sonic catharsis. A dense and even psychedelic mind scrubbing that offers multiple epiphanies and aesthetic rewards. New details emerge with each listen, but it’s the overall immersive effect that will pull you back in time and time again. Like entering a new world where time and space have collapsed and all that remains is the beautiful abyss."


You can also preview and/or download a physical copy at Howard's bandcamp of plentiful noise here:

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


middle james co. is proud to present
in collab with Texas label Kendra Steiner Editions

Fossils "With Brian Ruryk" CDR edition of 44 copies

Chopped and screwed and always weird here we have the duo of Farr and Payne working with Toronto guitar cut-up genius Brian Ruryk.  Live recordings, documents in the field and domestic, radio signals and organized failure all set on blend.

$10 ppd world
paypal cardinalrecords@hotmail.com

read Bill Shute's words on the recording HERE

other releases avaialble HERE

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Friday, May 22, 2015


Two recent releases from one of our favorite labels

Fossils "Live at the Station" cdr
full live set recorded at the Station Coffee House in Brantford, Ontario
featuring Daniel Farr, Rob Michalchuk and David Payne
released 22 December 201, limited edition of 30 

Fossils "Memory Box Volume 1"
Cassettes (C60 and C92) are packaged in small wooden box with 16 paper inserts of photographs and various show posters. Released March 30 2015, limited edition of 12. 
Here's an amazing collection of documents from 2007-2014 featuring portions of live performances and remastered edits from proper releases. Contains much unreleased material and ALL lovingly reworked by Rob Michalchuk.

also don't for to check out our new blog devoted to Painters 11
featuring a new review of recent Harold Town exhibit

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


middle james co. is proud to present
fossills double feature with a little help from Kendra Steiner Editions

First a split release via MJC and KSE
FOSSILS "For Brian Ruryk" cdr (KSE294/MJC440)
Fossils as Farr and Payne recorded April-July 2014 at mjc hq
Shortly after moving to Hamilton in 2002 a copy of Ruryk's "Guitar Obstacle Course" LP was found in a $1 bin at a local record store.  Since, a romance has blossomed knee-deep in trash and Ruryk has remained a source of constant inspiration to the Fossils crew. 
Features classic weirdo Fossills sounds (quick cuts, garbled voices, gutted guitars and busted electronics) brought to you by the only Hamilton underground radio.
8 tracks in 35 minutes
limited to 44 copies
review here:
review here:

also currently available
FOSSILS & BILL SHUTE "The Florida Nocturne Poems" cdr (KSE300)
swampy sound sculptures interspersed with Shute's spoken word
9 tracks in 45 minutes
limited to 125 copies

get em both for $15 north america/$20 world
paypal cardinalrecords@hotmail.com



Thursday, March 5, 2015


Painters 11 were a group of abstract artists active in Canada (specifically Ontario) during the 1950s. Members of Fossils Payne & Farr began their interest in P11 in 2014 and have since had the unique opportunity to view and photograph a large number of works by group members. They have visited museum archives and attended exhibitions in attempts to learn more about these important cultural figures.  They are now ready to share their discoveries via a new P11 blog:
The site has the following interactive menus:
"Exhibitions" provides current and upcoming information about where to view artworks.
 "Links Portal" collects info on P11 previously published on the internet.
 "Works by P11" provides photographic documentation of artworks by member of P11. In many cases, this site is the only place online to view these images.   

Photo of Ray Mead painting from exhibit at Barbara Edwards Contemporary in Toronto.