Thursday, March 21, 2013


our most recent 7inch lathe effort by Fossils featuring Graham Lambkin is moving nicely.
a few copies are now available in the UK via Infinite Limits

CARD9 DOOMED FOSSILS should be out next month!
this is another limited 7inch lathe collab between Payne and Farr
with East Coast Titan Alex Pearson D/A A/D

letting the cat out - plans for two more ultra limited lathes
by Fossils and Slut Mouth coming soon
and Fossils will be opening for Thurston Moore`s band
Chelsea Light Moving in Toronto at Lee`s Palace March 31

continued thanks for the support

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CARD8 FOSSILS "korjev/wet industry"

Cardinal Records is proud to present

CARD8 FOSSILS ‘Korjev / Wet Industry’ 7-inch lathe
Fossils were Daniel Farr, Graham Lambkin and David Payne.
2012 duo recordings of Farr and Payne were transferred to Lambkin for special treatment.
Lambkin’s touch is understated yet elevates Fossils to new heights.
Side A ‘Korjev’ brings you to the playground, combining electronic and organic impressions.
Side B ‘Wet Industry’ is a bus ride to the rodeo, vibrating subtle itch on the spine.

Check out sights and sounds

Lathes cut by Graham Baldwin at 2208

Artwork by Graham Lambkin
50 numbered copies
$18 total w/ship Canada
$20 total w/ship USA
$25 total w/ship everywhere else
We also have 1 remaining copy of CARD7 FOSSILS ‘patience’ 7-inch lathe+cdr ($15)

Check our other availables:

Hand-screened shirts with new Lambkin design $8 + ship
Hand-screened totes $4 + ship