Thursday, March 5, 2015


Painters 11 were a group of abstract artists active in Canada (specifically Ontario) during the 1950s. Members of Fossils Payne & Farr began their interest in P11 in 2014 and have since had the unique opportunity to view and photograph a large number of works by group members. They have visited museum archives and attended exhibitions in attempts to learn more about these important cultural figures.  They are now ready to share their discoveries via a new P11 blog:
The site has the following interactive menus:
"Exhibitions" provides current and upcoming information about where to view artworks.
 "Links Portal" collects info on P11 previously published on the internet.
 "Works by P11" provides photographic documentation of artworks by member of P11. In many cases, this site is the only place online to view these images.   

Photo of Ray Mead painting from exhibit at Barbara Edwards Contemporary in Toronto.

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