Wednesday, December 14, 2016


here are some words written recently about the latest offering from FOSSILS.
this releases is still available for $8 postage paid in Canada, $10 USA (int'l orders get in touch)

There are strong ties between Fossils and Kendra Steiner Editions; it is almost like one could say, taking cues from the real record industry that Fossils have a recording contract with them, but with the notion of just 48 copies available, one realizes this is perhaps a bit silly thinking. This new one is also co-released by the group's own Middel James Co. label. Fossils are, as always, Daniel Farr and David Payne, ever since I first heard of them (see Vital Weekly 532) when they were a trio. They play improvised music and seem to be using whatever they can lay their hand on, which on 'Camelot Towers' sees the presence of guitar and piano as the two principal instruments to be played, along with their usual feedback, small synth/lo-fi electronics, a bit of percussion (less than before it seems) and Dictaphones. Feedback is something that should not be taken in terms of loud noise per se, as the thirteen pieces here are very modest affairs actually, almost like chamber music. Rather than a studio recording, I had the impression here that they are in a small club, with an upright piano, a microphone in the middle of room and do an all free-improvisation on the main instruments. For a while I thought Fossils would go the way of P16.D4 and that they would take their improvisations to another level, and play around with them in a more musique concrete kind of way. Some of their previous releases hinted that way, but they never really went for it, which I personally think is a pity. While I enjoyed this release quite a bit, like I usually do with their music, I think a leap forward might not be a bad idea. However if you like your improvisations to be raw and untamed and you think along the lines of Corpus Hermeticum, then Fossils are still safely in the place they are now.
Vital Weekly 1060

Yet more from the now defunct Hamilton Ontario-based Fossils, who surprise with each and every release that comes out not only on Kendra Steiner Editions but the Middle James Co. if you can believe that. On CAMELOT TOWERS the duo of Daniel Farr and David Payne cook up a slew of sounds that you can wrap your prehensile mind around, at times doing these duos where one of 'em plays a Cecil Taylor-styled piano and the other clanks away on an acoustic guitar while at others producing electronic sounds that remind me of my stomach around suppertime when its gurgling on real loud like. For some strange reason I was reminded of watching Sunday morning television during my younger years when CAMERA THREE would present somethingorother on twentieth-century musical compositions written by guys with Albert Einstein hair. Relive those lost days of wading through educational television while waiting for the cartoons to come on with CAMELOT TOWERS.
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