Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FOSSILS "Modern Architecture"

middle james co. is proud to present
co-released with Kendra Steiner Editions #324

mjc442 Fossils "Modern Architecture" cdr edition of 48 copies
13 tracks; 40 minutes
recorded May-September 2015 in Brantford, Buffalo and Hamilton.
Here's another blast of strange with Payne/Farr duo dueling on guitar, drums, synth, electronics and tapes.  This time out the team is joined on some tracks by the alto saxophone styles of Rob Michalchuk and on others by T.J. Borden on cello.  In a combo 1-2 punch of selections from live performances and basement jams.

here's what Bill Shute from KSE had to say:
In the free-improv/ lo-fi /sound-sculpture / noise world, FOSSILS are truly the only band that matters, and we at KSE are proud to partner with them once again. I listen to FOSSILS music a lot—-it’s the perfect antidote to a regulated but insane world. The intuitive absurdist SENSE in their playful and exploratory paintings in sound gives me faith in humankind. Try it—-cheaper than drugs or therapy.
read the rest of Bill's piece here

$7 north am/$10 world postage paid

other fossils items for sale here

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