Friday, October 24, 2014

FOSSILS, "The Cardigan Hour"


FOSSILS “The Cardigan Hour”   CDR
KSE #286 / MJC #440
a collaboration with Middle James Co. and Kendra Steiner Editions
edition of 48 copies
Fossils were T. J. Borden, Daniel Farr, Rob Michalchuk, and David Payne.
Recorded live in Brantford and Hamilton, Ontario, and Buffalo, NY, in 2014

Bill Shute of KSE had this to say...
This latest installment from the ever-evolving FOSSILS crew could be described as “chamber Fossils, ” if  such a thing is possible. If you can imagine FACE TO FACE-era Spontaneous Music Ensemble with washes of electronics woven into the fabric, you might have some idea of how this sounds….then again, it’s really nothing like that! It’s largely acoustic, with instruments being played in coloristic, non-traditional ways and with subtle electronics (and found speech—an absurd yet sad phone message). The FOSSILS emphasis on texture is primary once again, but in a way that’s fresh and unexpected….and that’s pretty much true of ANY Fossils performance or album…which is why they are ESSENTIAL to the scene.

Back during my teenage years, The Clash used to be billed by their label as “the only band that matters” (let’s not forget that this is the same label that once ran the infamous “The Man Can’t Bust Our Music” ad campaign in the late 60’s). I can’t imagine Joe Strummer approving that line, except perhaps ironically, but if there ever WAS a unit deserving of the title, I’d say it’s FOSSILS, who may make a lot of noise but let the work quietly speak for itself in the marketplace (no hype, no hipster posing, no airbrushed pics in The Wire). And if there is a DIY lo-fi independent label I admire and that is an influence on KSE, it’s Fossils’ imprint Middle James Co. They are experimental without being pretentious, their music can be both witty and jarring (simultaneously), and even after dozens and dozens of releases, I can truthfully say that I have NO IDEA what their next release will be like. With so many “art edition” labels out there, and with “underground” distributors and zines seemingly forgetting the DIY/punk/Warhol-esque basis of all we do and favoring a cojones-free artschool approach to packaging and presentation, FOSSILS and Middle James are out there keeping it honest and keeping it low budget and REAL. KSE is proud to be partnering with Fossils and MJC on another release. Get it quick….only 24 copies available from us…and 24 from MJC….

check vid from the recording sessions here
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