Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wooly Bully (NO L7)

CARDINAL RECORDS is proud to announce
two new Fossils releases in physical and digital formats
material for both recorded direct to tape december 2013-april 2014
@ mjc hq hamilton, ontario; fossils were Daniel Farr and David Payne

continuing to work with Texas poet Bill Shute and his wonderful Kendra Steiner label
co-released with Middle James Co. we have the "wooly bully" cdr in an edition of merely 40
here's what Bill writes:

So much electronic music or “noise”  is boring or academic or repetitive or stupid or pretentious—-it lacks the FEELING and EMOTION and SENSE OF PLAY WITH INFINITE POSSIBILITY that initially got me excited about feedback/white-noise/electronics/noise-improv. Thankfully, FOSSILS are around to keep it raw and real and witty and abrasive and fresh and spontaneous and ever-evolving. Remember Wile E. Coyote always trying to blow up the Road Runner with various ACME explosive products? WOOLY BULLY is the free-improv/noise/DIY electronics version of Looney Tunes Acme products….AND SO MUCH MORE.  It’s like a musical version of a Stan Brakhage film but on steroids and with banana peels on the floor of the editing room. FOSSILS are the reigning kings of sly DIY industrial noise free-improv. Therefore, we at KSE are proud to announce that we have partnered with Middle James Co. of Ontario, Canada for this VERY limited Fossils release: a stunner of a CDR album, with a total of 40 copies made, 20 copies (odd numbers) available from Middle James Co/Cardinal Records and 20 copies (even numbers) available from KSE.

order for $5 + shipping

you can also stream/download the companion-piece "NO L7" at our bandcamp page

thank you for your support!

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