Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Continuing to blast 2013 there have been some nice words written by Frans de Waard about CARD7

FOSSILS - PATIENCE (7" lathe cut + CDR by Cardinal Records)
Even when the esthetic side of Fossils is perhaps a bit too lo-fi for me, after all their recent releases its easy (easier) to spot a trend among them. Their music is also something that slowly dawns upon me as something quite nice. With each new release I seem to be enjoying it more and more. Here we have two items in one package, and perhaps also released as one thing? The lathe cut vinyl comes in an edition of just twenty-five copies and contains a live recording of Fossils as a trio (opposed to the usual duo material) in Albany, New York and features guitar, percussion and saxophone. All of these are examined and inspected for their various sonorous qualities of scraping and hitting, dragging them over the floors, and the saxophone blowing a mild free jazz tune. Extreme stuff, but not so much for the noise side of these things, or the somewhat very direct recording, up close to the instruments, but the controlled nature of the playing is what makes this quite good. There is no sudden outburst of violence or aggression, but a carefully interaction between three free spirited musicians. Excellent stuff.

We now only have 1 copy in stock.

CARD8 should also see light very soon. It's a collaborative effort between Fossils duo Farr/Payne & Graham Lambkin.
To be released as 7" lathe in an edition of 50 copies featuring artwork by Lambkin (image above).

You can also see/hear recent Fossils work here: 


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