Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CARD 6 FOSSILS "six part inventions"


CARD 6 FOSSILS "six part inventions" 7-inch lathe

Recorded Aug 10 2012 during summer tour at the Puppy Mill in Northampton, Mass.
Fossils duo Payne & Farr are joined by Nathaniel Brennan (Cruudeuces/Ghetto Naturalist Series) to create a seemingly classical piece of weird world worship. Get on the strange train of odd clang clatter upon which Brennan squeezes squirts his clarinet syrup. Payne plays wizard Eno-style, realtime layering and looping the soup.

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lathes cut by Graham at 2208

covers hand-screened and numbered on cardstock
w/pasted color photos. each unique.

***this release comes with a bonus CDR that includes the entire unedited 27-minute jam session.

25 numbered copies
***we are now out of stock
Ghetto Naturalist Series will have a few copies nexxt weekend to reserve


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