Saturday, August 6, 2011


First off, we are pleased to unveil the brand new logo designed by Graham Lambkin. Look for it adorning silk-screened shirts and pins in the near future.

Second, the Brian Ruryk/Fossils 12” test pressings have been approved. We’re ironing the corners and hope to have that on the streets soon. Stay tuned!

Now, enjoy the first REPORT FROM ON DECK.

BRIAN RURYK ‘Guitar Weakling’ 7inch lathe (Beniffer Editions)

By the sounds of this, the Canadian underground is in great shape! The freshest squeeze from one of my personal fav working artists surpasses even these high expectations. Toronto-based artist Ruryk has had a long-lasting relation with Toronto-based label Beniffer Editions, producing a number of collectible gems (split LP with Gastic Female Reflex – somehow still in print – highly recommended). This lathe is another must have for all out explorers.

Ruryk has been refining his guitar approach/attack since the 80s. Some like to mask the sound of the guitar in experimental work. Brian brings it to the fore. There is (usually) never any doubt what you are hearing is guitar. There is usually never any doubt it is guitar like you’ve never heard before.

‘Guitar Weakling’ is all chaotic swirls of quick cuts, crude soloing, feedback fluctuations patched into a confusing collage. Wild free guitar craziness somehow both assembled and disassembled. Layered and decomposing. Parts sound like surfing a radio where all stations are playing Ruryk tunes. It’s a full blow assault. ‘Guitar Bully’ might be more appropriate.

What sets this apart from other Ruryk releases? Part of the magic is in the lathe cut itself. Overall, the sound of decay is winning. Hiss pop click become an essential part of the environment. The guitar is given a static quality and you know it’s being broadcast from beyond. For fans of lo-fi primitive junk, this artefact is a must!

As standard with Beniffer Editions, the packaging/artwork is str8 stunner. The cover is an acned face printed on rubber accentuated by the addition of ballbearings under the image. The flipside of the cover is a nice b&w collage by Ruryk (shown above). My copy also included a 7” by Diatric Puds & The Blobettes.

This baby exists in an edition of 50 only so support and jump on it!

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