Sunday, August 29, 2010



Hotter than hell. Might melt your face off!

‘Swelter’ is a mail collaboration with tapes passed back and forth between Cambridge, Massachusetts and Hamilton, Ontario fall 2009.

Howard Stelzer is head of the awe inspiring Intransitive Recordings label and king of cassette composition.

David Payne is best known as the pilot of the strange ship Fossils.

Together they create a new dimension of cassette culture.

Tapes at every speed and strange sewer swirls.

Mastered by Kris Lapke at Hospital

Full color cover by Graham Lambkin (hand-pasted on white jackets)

B&W insert by Steve Smith

200 numbered copies

$15 + shipping

sound samples here:

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  1. review by Vital Weekly:
    A limited edition LP of two masters of the lo-fi. David Payne is a member of Fossils whereas Howard Stelzer is known as the man who plays with cassettes in an extraordinary manner (besides running the excellent Intransitive Recordings label). Their LP is the result of an ongoing exchange of cassettes through the mail. These are played on walkmans, memorecorders and four track machines, as to alter the speed on them. All of the results are then layered together into a heavily vibrant piece of noise music. Not exactly the kind of noise music that works with endless streams of feedback and distortion, but a kind of distortion that works on a different level. Field recordings are used, crudely taped onto cassettes, played in strange and unusual manners, electro-acoustic sounds of stuff dropping and falling on the concrete sidewalk and such things alike. A very vivid and imaginative record. Crude but thoughtful noise. Excellent and too short (with some fifteen minutes per side)
    unfortunately. (FdW)